Serious Sun Styles at Cannes and Gen Y’s Employment Outlook on

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NEW YORK—A redhead, a blond and a brunette walk into a film festival…it has all the makings for an off color joke but there was nothing funny about the serious Cannes sun style showcased by three gorgeous ladies in this week’s edition of Bold Face. Find out all about their sunny trip to the film festival wearing sun styles from Marchon, Marcolin and Linda Farrow.

On a truly serious note, a recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that employers are not planning to hire as many members of the class of 2013 as initially expected. A similar survey published by HR consulting company Adecco concurred saying 66 percent of hiring managers don’t think new college graduates are prepared for the workplace. Get the big picture on grads’ employment outlook, including a fact-filled infographic, in the latest edition of  HR Corner.