Sunglasses Get Their Extreme Close-Up in Cinematic Classics

PORTLAND, Ore.—Blockbuster movies and summertime go together like legendary silver screen characters and the iconic sunglasses that helped define them. As summer winds down, we’re not the only ones reminiscing about sunwear and its role in cinema history as we recently found this retrospective video from, “Supercut: 65 Iconic Movie Sunglasses, 1962-2012.”

Classic sunglass styles are featured throughout this montage of movie masterpieces, with each style portraying a distinct personality simply by being placed on an actor’s face. The way-cool wear Wayfarers in The Blues Brothers, Risky Business and The Breakfast Club, among others. Cat-eyes add sex appeal in X-Men and Lolita. The infamous are identified by round frames in Dr. Strangelove, Natural Born Killers, The Matrix and Repo Man. One-of-a-kind shapes define the equally unique characters who wear them in Easy Rider, Fight Club, Taxi Driver and Back to the Future. And, of course, aviators abound in clips from movies such as They Live, Fear &Loathing in Las Vegas, Cobra and, what else, Top Gun.

While asks viewers to identify the source films of the 51 clips taken from 47 different movies, we’d like to take it a step further for our sunnies specialists out there and invite you to name the brands of sunglasses featured, and for those who want to make it even more challenging, identify the styles too. See how many classic cinematic sunglasses you can name via our “Facebook/Add a Comment” capability below. The commenting function, found at the bottom of this article, can be used by any visitor to with a Facebook account.

We’ll give you a clue by listing the names of the 47 different movies featured here, in order of their appearance:

They Live
Cool Hand Luke
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Blues Brothers
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Thomas Crown Affair
Repo Man
The Iron Giant
The Lost Boys
Risky Business
The Breakfast Club
Iron Man
Hot Fuzz
Back to the Future 2
Thelma & Louise
Dr. Strangelove
Top Gun
Natural Born Killers
Easy Rider
The Hangover
The Big Lebowski
The Royal Tenenbaums
Fight Club
The Color of Money
The Matrix
Taxi Driver
Apocalypse Now
Teen Wolf
Reservoir Dogs
License to Drive
Back to the Future
Beverly Hills Cop II
Point Break
Leon / The Professional
Big Trouble in Little China
True Romance
Mission Impossible