The Opposite of Disconnect

Those who bemoan the advent of technologies to both health care practice and the retail delivery of products and services as the end of civilization are overstating and missing the point.

We all probably have spent too much time on hold, pushing ‘one’ or ‘two’ with the cable company or trying to get a ‘live person’ for a simple customer service question.

And most of us, regardless of age, are treasuring ‘real’ friends vs. social media ‘friends’ and actual life experiences compared to virtual ones.

But, it’s not so easy to declare ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ in this area anymore.

Let’s say that if you rush to pronounce the digital trend as an ‘uncomfortable annoyance’ in the business world, you may rush to such judgments to your peril.

For digital technology, smartphones, tablets and creative software are not going to change how the vision and optical business is done, they already are. In fact, it’s time to hurry and catch up.

Read VM’s “Constant Connectivity” story this issue and you will have to understand the value of improved personal relations with patients resulting from a quicker and more efficient appointment process or an informative video explanation of an eye health condition. These, among other new tools explained, including those that illustrate and reinforce the doctor or the dispenser’s knowledge about vision correction, lenses, contact lenses, all of it, improve the experience for everyone involved—doctor, staff and patients.

The result is the opposite of disconnection. It is, instead, instant access created by new apps and technologies that enable patients to better
connect to their doctor, their product choices and their treatment options.