The Ultimate Accessory

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This is a joint editorial initiative of Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine, sponsored by Altair Eyewear, the Kenmark Group, the McGee Group, REM Eyewear/Base Curve and Viva International Group.

Best Face Forward

Distinctive features keep bringing consumers back to versatile, branded eyewear

Eyewear remains an ultimate accessory for American consumers, even when they are watching their wallets. Brand names continue to roll out unique designs that match the tastes—and even the interests—of consumers. Choices abound for anyone who might come through your door, whether they are fashion-forward younger women wanting casual styles or something more ornate. Consider your male clients interested in motorcycles, guitars or indulging a prep-school look. Ophthalmic and sunwear styles coming out this Spring and Summer feature attractive crafting, luminous materials and exciting details. There is something elegant and alluring for everyone.

VisionMonday and 20/20 Magazine have championed the influence of eyewear as a valuable fashion accessory. Designers of well-known brands, which appeal to every demographic group in the country, are not just continuing their own unique design philosophies, but they are tailoring them to meet the demand for lifestyle expression. Accessories echo consumers’ lifestyle ideas, and eyewear and sunwear are reflecting their desires to look professional, sporty or like they just stepped off a red carpet. Today’s eyewear offers many options to all consumers.

Seth J. Bookey, Contributing Editor

 Glee star, Lea Michelle, the new face of Candie’s wearing C Sydney from the Candie’s Eyewear S/S 2012 collection; the C Abigail (bottom) from the 2012 collection feature deep, candy-colored frames with sculpted temples featuring the brand’s logo.
Finding Fun for Today’s ‘It’ Girls


Candie’s always has the “It” girl for its national ad spokesperson. The new spring campaign titled, “Hangin’ At Home” features Glee star Lea Michelle—the new face of Candie’s, causing a stir in the kitchen and glamorously lounging by the pool, giving a behind the scenes look at her everyday life at home.

The new eyewear collection reflects the trendsetting design elements featured in Candie’s apparel and accessories. Exciting trends, including floral accents, filigree detailing and stud treatments are showcased throughout the collection, to deliver a cohesive blend of fashion and style.

Founded in 1981, Candie’s introduced the now-famous sexy, high-heeled wood bottom slide, called the ‘Candie.’ By the mid 1980s, sales of Candie’s slides soared to 14 million pairs. The Candie’s girl is between 14 and 24, but no matter what her age, a Candie’s girl always feels 20.

The Gant Winslow (l) brings luminous tortoiseshell designs that mesh with today’s casualwear; Gant Rugger (r) eyewear features an oversized eyeshape that works as well in the classroom as it does while out on the town.
Catering to Casual Elegance


Gant is a lifestyle brand, with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern, high quality casualwear with a European touch. Everything originates from the shirt. It is the foundation upon which Gant was built. Creative tailoring, such as the “locker loop,” along with the introduction of the button-down shirt in the U.S., has given Gant a place in history.

Gant Eyewear reflects this timeless American tradition with fashionable designs inspired by the All-American Preppy lifestyle of today’s Gant man and woman. Design elements include flat metal stud detailing and subtle temple treatments, as well as a deep color palette.

The Gant Eyewear line includes the subcollections of Gant Rugger—an eclectic mix, which reflects the casual styling of this Americana brand, and Gant by Michael Bastian—a sophisticated collection of tailored, yet sporty styles with a modern edge.

Go big, go bold: Striking colors on time-honored styles allow both men wearing style GU1740 (l) and women in style GU2296 (r) to make fashion statements.
Fresh Frames Feature Top Trends


Established in 1981, Guess began as a jeans company and has since successfully grown into a global lifestyle brand. Today, Guess designs, markets and distributes full collections of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel as well as accessories. The Guess image, through unforgettable, innovative campaigns, has gained global recognition as a brand.

This Spring, Guess Eyewear presents fresh, contemporary collections of optical and sunwear styles for men and women, using today’s top fashion trends through color, shape and design. The women’s optical collection is modern with a touch of traditional tribal design, allowing the Guess girl to show off her inner wild side, while the sunglass styles are glamorous, edgy and the must-have accessories for the season. The men’s optical collection is bold and edgy, boasting a dark color palette and gothic logos, while the sunglass styles feature vintage-inspired designs in overall geek-chic shapes.

The HDX 834 (l) sunwear for men features a modified aviator eyeshape and thin metal temples that flatter as well as function; colorful thin temples add excitement to rimless styles on the HD506 (r) for women. 
Bringing Back American Basics


Embarking on its 110-year anniversary, Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage began with the motorcycle, the core of the Harley-Davidson experience. During the past century, the Harley-Davidson brand has not only become a fixture on the highways, but a symbol of America, the essence of freedom, adventure and individuality.

Harley-Davidson Eyewear’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign seeks its inspiration from the iconic backdrop of Asbury Park, N.J., home of The Stone Pony and Bruce Springsteen. The famed area’s attractions offer the perfect ambience for the image campaign’s authentic tone.

The Harley-Davidson Eyewear collection reflects the distinguished quality and workmanship of the Harley-Davidson brand. The men’s styles evoke the masculine, yet trend-driven quality of the Harley-Davidson man, while the Ladies collection offers a fashionable blend of design elements.

The Sarda (above) from Vera Wang Sunwear updates the cat-eye shape with jewel embellishment; the V076 ophthalmic style (l) pairs interesting color combinations with distinctive sculpted designs near the hinges, where they will get noticed the most.
Let Couture Adorn You


Known for her nonchalant approach to style and luxury, Vera Wang’s collections are synonymous with intricate design and exquisite attention to detail. Her brand reflects her vision to create a lifestyle that goes beyond core bridal and ready-to-wear, and into eyewear, publishing, fragrance, beauty, accessories and home. Driven by artistic, modern and luxurious design and style, couture-like quality and a high level of customer service, Vera Wang’s collections hold impeccable customer appeal at the highest end of the luxury market.

“It’s all about self expression,” says Vera Wang. “To me, eyewear is the most incredible accessory.” Her eyewear embodies classic as well as contemporary design, utilizing unique color combinations, custom Italian materials and jewel-inspired embellishment.

The target customers are women ages 30 through 60.

The John Varvatos runway show conveys the brand’s casual luxury and rock connections. The V908 sunwear (below) lets everyone know the wearer loves music, with slots to hold custom guitar picks incorporated in the extra wide temples.
Rolling Out a Fashion ‘Jam Session’


Casual luxury and rock’n’roll come together in the new Spring 2012 John Varvatos Eyewear optical and sun collections. Renowned for its fastidious attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and killer design, John Varvatos Eyewear creates men’s eyewear with signature hallmarks on every pair; and the subtle double V for Varvatos engraved on the lens of each pair of sunglasses.

Several of the eyewear collections highlight an uncommon detail that reveals John Varvatos’ love of rock, right at the hinge. One example is the V779 with its meticulously detailed guitar-head hardware. An iconic insignia of the Varvatos clothing and accessories collections, this design will be incorporated in zipper-pulls and other signature elements.

The V908 sunglasses feature a limited-edition style that uses guitar picks to enhance the temples, creating the ideal jam session of function and fashion. A slot in each temple securely holds a custom John Varvatos guitar pick, doubling as an iconic style element and musician’s tool.

The ‘Chet’ style (on model) matches brown frame fronts with luminous horn temples; the ‘Coltrane’ (below) puts an urban spin on traditional eyeshapes with beautiful, translucent zyl, paired with vintage-inspired designs on metal temples.
Ivy League Gets Urban Updates


Argyleculture Eyewear by Russell Simmons features designs inspired by the class, stature and respect achieved by the urban graduate. Fusing classic Ivy League style and modern fashion trends, Argyleculture is designed for men over 25 who appreciate understated luxury, sophistication and the modern American lifestyle.

Representative of success and sophistication, Argyleculture styles also feature hints of individuality, with modern, masculine eyeshapes inspired by vintage styles, featuring European trend setting colors. Edgy metal embellishments and logo decor create a professional look, while bold color combinations set these styles apart. Argyleculture designs both reflect contemporary trends and offer classic elements that can be worn for multiple seasons.

McGee’s “Coquette” (above) takes a timeless, sensible black zyl framefront, and glamorously incorporates an edgy raised XXX design with crystals to heighten the allure of sumptuous mother-of-pearl temples; the Hipster style (on model) uses a black-and-white combination of laminates that takes trendy women from the office to their evening activities with a design that works for both.
Making Elegant Statements


The XOXO collection from McGee offers fashion-forward and contemporary styles for professional, playful and confident women who are both smart and sexy. XOXO eyewear offers women the latest runway- and celebrity-inspired designs at attainable price points.

With an emphasis on high quality and affordable fashion, the collection targets women age 25 and older who are “in the know” and pay close attention to celebrity and fashion trends.

The XOXO customer is a woman who desires unique colors and embellishments on her eyewear that complements her fashionable wardrobe. With contrasting textures, animal prints and swirled and layered patterns, XOXO eyewear and sunwear offer the latest in bold and edgy fashion to create a daring statement so her frames fit her lifestyle.

The ophthalmic TB4012 style (l) updates a classic eyeglass style with double soothing double-laminate caramel tones and metal details on the temples next to the Tommy Bahama branding; oversized eyeshapes on the TB7019 sunwear style (on model) makes a “purr-suasive” argument for the feel of “nothing but weekends.”
What a Great Getaway!


With its “make life one long weekend” motto, Tommy Bahama celebrates the idea that a vacation state of mind combines a few key ingredients: good company, a beautiful locale, a relaxed sophisticated wardrobe and home.

Cool and classic, Tommy Bahama Eyewear and Sunwear is the perfect accessory to any “island look.” The sunwear collection protects and comforts with polarized optics and an engineered fit for both men and women. The optical collection features styles that put you in step with the rhythm of the islands.

Assorted merchandising materials are available, including a one-/two-piece frame highlighter, a six-piece countertop display, a dispensing mirror, posters and countercards. Frames and sunglasses come with a custom Tommy Bahama case and cleaning cloth. The products and the POP materials all reflect the hallmarks of having a relaxing time away.