Tura Celebrates 75 Years by Re-Launching the Tura Brand

By Deirdre Carroll: Senior Editor

GREAT NECK, N.Y.—Tura Inc. is celebrating its 75th anniversary by re-launching the Tura Brand and releasing new eyewear styles across seven distinct design sub-groups, as well as new marketing materials.

“The Tura Brand has evolved over 75 years, the best way to celebrate our heritage is to re-invigorate our signature collection,” said Scott Sennett, president and CEO of Tura Inc. “This refreshed brand identity reflects Tura’s timeless yet innovative product design in a way that’s relevant to today’s dispenser and customer.”

The re-mastered Tura Brand includes optical and sun frames in acetate and metal for women and men with multiple color variations. Each style falls within a curated Tura Brand sub-group: Intricates, Infinity, Elements, Mosaic, Simply Tura, Lotus and Brilliance. While each group appeals to a different consumer, all blend Tura’s craftsmanship, distinctive jewelry-inspired detailing, graceful lines and unparalleled American style. Finely wrought roping, genuine crystals, enamel inlays and textured patterns are a few details of the refreshed collection.

Tura has also launched a multi-faceted marketing campaign that includes a revamped logo and brand colors that will be incorporated into all marketing materials.

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