Feedback and Usage

“Approximately 70 percent of Viva’s customers are registered on the site and that number grows every day,” said Sherry Lay, EVP and chief merchandising officer. “Ourcustomers can shop by scrolling through collections or by searching for a specific style, or by filtering type, brand or gender. There are also lists of the top 10 sellers for each brand and collection broken out by gender. PDFs of the full catalogs or the top 10 can be downloaded as well.

“Customers are able to see a full history of their web orders and can reorder with just a few clicks. With this quick reordering capability, our customers can always have a fully stocked board and never be out of their best sellers. We believe this is critical to their success and will be focusing on making reordering even more efficient in the future,” she added.

Viva’s high adoption rate has provided valuable feedback from accounts and reps alike. “Through our online ordering stats, we can get a real-time read on best sellers and stock information. Also, the online contact form makes it convenient for customers to provide instant feedback on their experience or ask a question if they don’t have time to call. Site improvements are planned for 2012, in both design and functionality. Many have been based on direct feedback from our customers and Viva’s sales consultants in the field,” concluded Lay.