VM’s Latest E-Newsletter, Eye2 Puts Focus on Advanced Vision Technologies


NEW YORK—Eye2, a new Vision Monday monthly e-newsletter and companion section in VM’s print edition, will keep you informed about the latest, most innovative, advanced developments in vision technology. From Google glasses to bionic eyes and beyond, Eye2 is the place to go for up-to-date information about new technologies that are expanding not only the capabilities of eyewear, but the potential of human vision.

A complete preview edition of Eye2, which will officially launch monthly starting in January 2013, is now posted at VisionMonday.com. Each month, VM’s group editor for lenses and technology, Andrew Karp, will introduce you to leading thinkers and innovators who are changing the optical industry with new products and ideas that are redefining our vision of the future.

The new edition of the Eye2 e-newsletter features the following:

Heads Up!
Take a close-up look at Nike’s Vapor Strobe eyewear, a high tech training tool that professional and amateur athletes are using to improve their skills.

See how XPand 3D, a leader in the 3D entertainment industry has applied its eyewear technology to create a product that helps children who suffer from amblyopia.

Sight Seeing
Learn the latest about the Argus II artificial retina and how it’s helping people with macular degeneration regain some sight and with it, some independence.

Peripheral Vision
Find out how sleep researchers developed Re-Timer, a new type of eyewear that reduces jet lag.

Look for these departments and more in every edition of Eye2. It’s vision technology raised to the next power.