VSP Optics Group Unveils otto, a Virtual Optical Assistant



VSP’s otto app helps ECPs simplify measuring and dispensing digital lenses and offers eyewear consulting, electronic claim filing and other features.
RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Optics Group’s entry in the burgeoning mobile app category is called otto. Designed as an eyecare practice’s virtual optical assistant, otto simplifies digital lens measuring and the dispensing process. Available for the second and third-generation Apple iPad, otto is an easy to use app that helps eyecare professionals (ECPs) simplify measuring and dispensing advanced digital lenses, and brings eyewear consulting, electronic claim filing, and more to the point-of-care.

“otto is a game changer for independent ECPs who are looking to take their practice to the next level,” said Don Oakley, president of VSP Optics Group. “In otto, we have developed a fun, empowering and intuitive mobile app that streamlines and automates key processes from the time the patient enters the practice to the time they leave. At its core, otto helps the independent eyecare practice deliver more personalized eyecare and eyewear to patients.”

otto’s modules include:

  • Patient Check-in and Care: When a patient arrives at their appointment, they can use otto to fill out new patient forms, securely answer questionnaires, authorize privacy policies and provide insurance information. otto also allows ECPs to check eligibility and obtain VSP patient authorization and explanation of benefits, and when orders are placed, it even estimates patient out-of-pocket costs for select plans. ECPs can also check the status of lab orders and notify patients via text or e-mail when their eyewear is complete and ready for pick-up.
  • ‘otto-mated’ Measurements: Take photos of your patients with the iPad and otto calculates measurements like pupil distance and segment height. With the ottobox plug-in attached to the iPad, ECPs can take photos of the patient wearing their selected frame, and with the swipe of a finger, otto automatically calculates measurements like pantoscopic tilt and back vertex distance to simplify dispensing today’s most advanced digital lenses.
  • Vision Screening: Prior to the eye exam, patients can use otto to complete a variety of tests in order to detect changes in their vision.
  • Frame Styling: Use otto to access Marchon and Altair frame catalogs or the Frames Data database to offer more frame choices to patients. ECPs can even save favorite frame choices to the patient’s file. Patients can also transmit photos of themselves wearing different frames to friends or family in order to get opinions on their choices using Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.
  • Patient Consultation: Demonstrate the benefits of lens options like anti-reflective and scratch coatings, photochromic and tinted lenses, polarized sunwear and more.
  • Product Selection: Create new orders for ophthalmic eyewear, sunwear and contact lens orders. Use otto to educate patients on the advantages of multiple pairs of eyewear and premium choices with pre-selected packages or custom lens packages tailored by the practice. Orders are easily confirmed and can be sent to the lab for processing.

Earlier this year, VSP Optics Group announced it had co-developed otto’s digital lens fitting and dispensing technology with PFO Global. The two organizations have been in technical collaboration for the past year. VSP Optics Group has applied for patents on the technology and has exclusive distribution rights of the technology.

VSP has produced a short video of otto’s introduction at last month’s Vision Expo West. It can be viewed at youtu.be/oHBDBKNFyIw. Additional information about otto’s expanded functionality, pricing and hardware requirements is available at www.seeotto.com.