Zeiss Intros PureCoat PLUS, an Enhanced AR Coating

SAN DIEGO—Zeiss, the company that invented AR coating, is introducing its latest AR offering: PureCoat PLUS. The new coating builds on the success of the company’s original PureCoat AR with improved hydrophobic performance and durability.

Zeiss PureCoat PLUS is one of the clearest AR coatings available, according to Zeiss, with residual reflectance below 1 percent. It is also up to 50 percent more scratch-resistant than many available AR coatings, helping the lenses retain their clarity and their like-new appearance, Zeiss said.

The hydrophobic performance of the original PureCoat has been improved with an even higher contact angle for easier cleaning. More important, tests have shown that the coating retains 97 percent of its hydrophobic properties over the life of the prescription, significantly higher than other premium AR coatings on the market today.

What this means, according to Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s VP, marketing, is that PureCoat PLUS will be nearly as easy to clean after two years of wear as it is on the day of dispense.

PureCoat PLUS replaces PureCoat, and is available on the same range of lens designs and materials. ■