AOA Forms Integrated Eyecare Project Team

Christopher Quinn, OD
ST. LOUIS—As part of an effort to encourage all eyecare professionals to work together for better patient care, the American Optometric Association is launching a new Integrated Eyecare Project Team that will analyze models of care and set out elements to develop an efficient, productive and patient-centric system, according to an announcement from the AOA.

The project team consists of a group of optometrists with experience in the delivery of integrated eyecare services, according to AOA Trustee and project team Chair Christopher Quinn, OD. The AOA Integrated Eyecare Project Team members are: Christopher J. Quinn, OD, chair; Clarke Newman, OD; Cynthia Murrill, OD; Jim Thimons, OD; Samuel Pierce, OD, AOA trustee; Randy Reichle, OD; and Robert Prouty, OD.