ASCO: Put Your Future in Focus

A recent video produced by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) takes the question of “why” becoming a doctor of optometry is worthwhile and answers it threefold: the career holder’s ability to change lives, the field’s many outlets for occupational growth and the continual advancement of technologies and clinical innovations that come to life in the profession.

Titled “Be a Doctor of Optometry: Put Your Future in Focus,” the video shows an insightful selection of ODs and ODs-to-be sharing perspectives on what initially drew them to studying optometry, where they see their careers  taking them—be it cataract clinics, Veterans hospitals or private practice—and how optometry continues to inspire and excite them out in the field.

The video was partially funded through a contribution from Luxottica and, more recently from a competitive Focus Grant from the Allergan Foundation. The video serves as a part of ASCO’s and the American Optometric Association’s (AOA) “Joint Project on Further Developing a Robust, Diverse, and High Qualified National Applicant Pool,” the end goal of which is to increase the number, quality and diversity of applicants to the 21 schools and colleges of optometry in the 50 states and Puerto Rico, according to ASCO.  

“Be a Doctor of Optometry: Put Your Future in Focus” is also a complementary feature to ASCO’s "True Stories" booklet available online and can be viewed on the ASCO website as well as the association’s newly launched YouTube channel.