Ophthalmology Groups Boost Optical Sales and Vision Insurance on the Rise in This Edition of dba

Find out how two ophthalmology groups pursued different business strategies to dramatically increase sales in their optical dispensaries in two articles featured in this month’s edition of “dba: Doing Business in Optical’s Local Markets.” One, based in the Southwest, hired a retail professional to manage sales and increased annual revenue from $500,000 to $10 million in just six years. The other, on the East Coast, enlisted a consulting company to take over its optical management while still retaining ownership to initially raise revenue and substantially boost profits. Both profiles can be found online in the September 2013 dba e-newsletter at www.visionmonday.com/dba.

Also in this month’s edition of dba, regular monthly contributors GPN’s Jay Binkowitz and Evan Kestenbaum, MBA, cover new technology and the process of installing and implementing it while training staff across multiple locations.

In addition, dataPoint statistics from the September edition of dba indicate the prevalence of vision insurance used by consumers. As the bar graph below indicates, 69 percent of eyewear and eyecare consumers used insurance for both their eye exam and eyewear in March of 2013, according to the “2013 Eyewear & Eye Care Consumer Patterns Insight Survey” from Jobson Research. This is more than a 10 percent increase from data collected over five years ago during April of 2008. For more details and to view the entire dba e-newsletter online, visit www.visionmonday.com/dba. ■


Impact of Vision Insurance on Consumers


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