New Technologies Retailers Have Implemented to Interact With Patients


The following mid-size regional optical retailers told dba what new technologies they’ve implemented for interacting with patients: Bob Brodney, president, Eye Care Associates; and David H. Hettler, OD, Drs. May & Hettler.

What new technologies have you implemented in your retail setting for interacting with patients in new ways, what have been their reactions and how has it impacted your business?


Bob Brodney, president, Eye Care Associates, Raleigh, N.C.

Earlier this year we implemented a new patient survey that utilizes the concept of Net Promoter Score to determine patient satisfaction as well as learn about patient feedback in various areas of our practices. We have accumulated information about the patient’s view of what is important and how we are performing relative to that aspect of the practice—from the importance of “in network” benefits to value perception, time in office, selection and more. In effect, we are measuring the quality of the experience at Eye Care Associates. The impact for our group has been informative and profound.


David H. Hettler, OD, Drs. May & Hettler, Alexandria, Va.

An emerging trend in eyecare is the patient demand for the ability to reach the practitioner by e-mail. We now get e-mails asking us whether glasses are ready, making and canceling appointments or a variety of other issues. It's amazing that people are becoming so plugged in that they would rather e-mail than call. Often these e-mails are sent at times that the office is closed.