Construction Management Software Helps Eyemart Express Keep Adding Locations


FARMERS BRANCH, Texas—While Eyemart Express has maintained its ranking as the seventh largest U.S. Optical retailer over the past few years (according to Vision Monday's annual Top 50 U.S. Optical Retailers report), each year it consistently adds new locations. The Top 10 U.S. optical retailer went from 102 locations in 2009 to 130 in 2010 then grew to 135 locations in 2011 and 141 in 2012.

With locations across 30 states and still growing, Eyemart Express has now enlisted the use of Projectmates construction management software to manage its increasing number of retail locations and take its construction management program to the next level.

"Projectmates will help us save time in the sense that everything is centralized," said Tom Wentz, senior vice president of design and construction. Wentz said Projectmates' user-friendly software sets it apart from other construction management software he's seen.

Eyemart Express will be able to overcome current challenges in the construction process by using Projectmates to keep track of project costs, track and award bids, and manage the punchlist from the field using iPads and other tablet devices.

"Projectmates will be a lot quicker and easier to use when in the field," Wentz said. He's particularly encouraged about the punchlist feature because people can access it from the field.

With Projectmates for Retail, Eyemart Express can better keep up with workflow processes, check tasks and add photos from the field. Everyone from store operations and merchandising to human resources all play a part in getting a store open, so it was important for Eyemart Express to select a software system that is accessible by all project team members.

Projectmates is 100 percent cloud-based, which allows the owner, contractor, architect, and other project team members to collaborate on a common platform.

Founded in 1995 by architects and software engineers, Systemates developed Projectmates to provide owners with a project management construction software solution. Projectmates creates one seamless platform for managing the complete lifecycle of a building, from planning, bidding, and building to maintaining the facilities. For Eyemart Express, the software program saves time and makes the construction management process quicker and easier.