Arno Debuts Compact In-office Edging System


MIAMI, Fla.—Arno Optical is introducing the Dia Edging System which is designed for in-office labs. The compact system consists of the E-950 GP Multifunctional Lens Edger, FD-80 3-Axis Dual Eyewire Scanner and LS-82 Computerized Lens Blocker.

The E-950 Multifunctional Lens Edger is the heart of Arno’s Optical Dia Edging System.
The heart of the Dia system is the E-950 GP, which features vertical wheel technology that enables the edger wheels to be easily adjusted to graduate the pressure on the lens. This allows for a more secure and accurate finish while eliminating stress marks. Because the wheels are vertical, debris goes straight to the drain, avoiding cluster on the wheels.

A touch screen interface makes all functions easily available. Operators can select the lens material, frame type, bevel, grooving, polish and other options. Operators can customize the speed and force that the wheel applies to the lens, a useful feature when edging slippery hydrophobic lenses. The E-950 GP can cut all materials, including Trivex, very smoothly and sharply, the company noted.

Built for durability and easy maintenance, the Dia system has an auto-clean function and electronic parts that are sealed and protected from water.