DVI Welcomes Optical Labs to 2014 Vision Workshop

PORTLAND, Ore.—Digital Vision, Inc. (DVI) welcomed 140 participants representing 70 optical laboratories from around the world to the 2014 Vision Workshop. The Workshop is held to update customers about the latest Vision software improvements, receive feedback and create networking opportunities.

“There is no question the DVI user group meeting has become the most valuable meeting in the optical industry,” said John Sutherlin of Sutherlin Optical.

The event was the largest in DVI’s 31-year history and began with bowling and games at Punch Bowl Social on Feb. 6, followed by the Workshop during the next two days at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland. The Workshop covered many new features of DVI’s Vision software, including sessions on the RxWizard, new Combobulator features and other customer service improvements.

Gordon Keane presented awards to Carl Zeiss Canada and Hoya Optical Modesto for their 20-year anniversaries as DVI customers, and remembered the late John Granby of Deschutes Optical and Darrell Sproles of Midwest Optical Lab who were loyal customers and friends to DVI for many years.

The Workshop concluded with a roundtable luncheon where customers and DVI staff worked together to brainstorm new features to be integrated into the Vision software.


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DVI employees Guy Gooselaw (l) and Armando Montalban (c) enjoy the pre-Workshop festivities at Punch Bowl social with Michelle Brown (r) of Walman Optical.

DVI president Gordon Keane (l) and John Keane of DVI welcome participants to the 2014 Vision Workshop.

(L to R) Bob Dill, Jenn Fong, and Robert Vernuccio of Vision Service Plan enjoy a Workshop presentation.

Bill Wyatt (c) of DVI discusses the RxWizard program with customers Hector Cordova (l) and Aldo Ojeda (r) of Carl Zeiss.

Neil Torgersen of Walman Optical making comments during the presentation. DVI encourages Workshop participants to share questions and solutions.