Labapalooza Rides Into Town for Annual Celebration

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Optical lab personnel gathered for the announcing of the top ten optical laboratory websites during Labapalooza.

Kurt Atchison (l), Schneider, congratulates Bill Heffner, FEA Industries, a top ten optical laboratory website winner.

Warren Meyer (l), VSP, catches up with Gunter Schneider of Schneider, Labapalooza’s title sponsor.

(L to R) Mark Geherin, Eyenavision, Dave Cole, Transitions Optical, and Craig Giles, Soderberg, enjoy Labapalooza.

Greg Ruden (l), Expert Optics and Brian Hauser, Transitions, await their turn to ride the mechanical bull…NOT!

(L to R) The Soderberg group hangs out with friends from Schneider: Pat McCarthy and Dan Samuelson, Schneider and Sue Ebner, Jim Menard, John Barry and Kristin Miller.

The Cotran brothers, Robert (l) and Ronald (r) of U.S. Optical, enjoy Labapalooza with Larry Clarke, Satisloh, and Ronald’s wife Rola.

This brave soul actually rode the mechanic bull and lived to tell the tale.

LAS VEGAS—Labapalooza, one of the lab industry’s most popular parties, took place here on Oct. 3 at the Venetian Hotel. The annual get-together paid tribute to wholesale laboratories. Highlights included the much anticipated Vision Monday’s Top Labs Report and LabTalk’s Website of the Year Awards. This year’s party sported a new location—Rockhouse Las Vegas— featuring a Country & Western atmosphere complete with a mechanical riding bull.

Labapalooza was presented by Vision Monday and LabTalk, and the Optical Lab Division of The Vision Council, and was sponsored by Title Sponsor, Schneider Optical Machines; Ultra Sponsors, iCoat, Digital Vision, FlexLink, Transitions, Salem Vision Group, X-Cel Optical; Premium Sponsors, Coburn Technologies, Essilor IDD, Optical Lab Software Solutions, Santinelli International and Ultra Optics. ■