Satisloh Offers DIY Experience at VEW

Satisloh expanded their presence at Vision Expo West with this special booth that housed three fully-functioning Micro-Labs. 
GERMANTOWN, Wis.— Satisloh added a unique element to its booth at Vision Expo West by inviting show attendees from integrated retail chains, small wholesale labs, and high volume eyecare practices to test drive its new Micro-Lab. The invitees surfaced, coated and edged their own lenses, which were then mounted in Satisloh branded frames.

“The best way to learn about equipment at a show is to operate it yourself—actually make an Rx from beginning to end,” said Larry Clarke, president and CEO of Satisloh.

Invitees chose from Essilor or Shamir digital full back side designs and from five Randy Jackson frames from Zyloware. Satisloh technicians did not touch the lenses. “Because we wanted this to be a fully interactive experience, visitors did everything: entering their Rx into the ‘Rx Universe’ LMS (powered by Omics); choosing their pre-blocked lens blanks; loading their lenses into each machine; and completing their Rx with finishing steps—all in less than an hour,” said Clarke.

“Never before has anyone installed a fully functioning Rx lab at a trade show. Accomplishing the feat, and doing it in less than four days of pre-show set up, required meticulous planning and a very committed staff,” Clarke noted.

The Satisloh Micro-Lab is available in either an alloy blocking version or in an OBM (On-Block Manufacturing) version where the lenses are pre-blocked by a lens manufacturer and stay on that same block throughout each process in a local lab.