CTA Surveys Tech Leaders on ‘The Future of Work’

For the second year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) surveyed tech industry leaders on current and future workforce issues. The survey was completed by 293 business leaders who identify as part of CTA membership or CES attendees. The results show that tech companies, both large and small, need more employees with technical skills and need to be able to anticipate challenges in finding and retaining qualified people over the next five years. Therefore, companies are focusing on strategically recruiting and retaining for a skilled workforce.

Almost all respondents say they “will need more employees with technical skills” (92 percent). Most agree they “will hire more employees to work remotely” (66 percent), and “will conduct more job interviews remotely” (64 percent) within the next five years. Four out of five respondents in the tech industry do not believe their full-time workforce will decrease over the next five years.