EyeRep: A New Tool for ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Access



 Sales reps can work with accounts to order directly with the EyeRep iPad app.

 EyeRep shows a real-time account summary.
The advent of tablets and wireless handheld devices, along with the internet’s expanding “cloud” storage systems, are revolutionizing the way vendors and customers interact with each other.

One of the newest in the eyewear field is EyeRep, a new mobile sales rep iPad app, a tool developed by Jobson Internet Solutions (JIS) ( www.jobsoninternetsolutions.com), which has been working with a range of leading industry frame suppliers on their B2B website capabilities.

Said Joe Savarese, president of JIS, “Moving to the iPad platform and the IOS framework is a huge technology shift. In the big picture, EyeRep means so much more freedom and flexibility for sales reps, who can work truly off the tether, over the air, with new flexibility and fluidity and all the necessary information at their fingertips. And for accounts, this means enhanced service, fewer backorders and real-time info about their business.”

EyeRep allows sales reps to have “anywhere, anytime access to their mission critical account information.” Reps will be able to offer their accounts a quick and efficient way to view all their product information, product images, back orders and order history. Reps can update or place new orders right from within the app.

Sales reps and their optical retailer/ECP accounts will see a Virtual Sample Bag, be able to see order history and tracking screens. Some companies will also feature the higher resolution images that the iPad offers to minimize having to carry as many sample bags around to visit with accounts, Savarese noted.

“EyeRep represents the cutting edge, since it’s also among the first of a new breed of Apple iPad B2B communications,” he said. “Many apps in the past have been recreational or consumer oriented. EyeRep is full B2B, built and designed by optical sales reps for optical sales reps.”

For both the rep and the account, Savarese pointed out, EyeRep “means more productivity for the sales rep and more accountability for the company and cost savings.”

Many frame companies are going to be debuting the EyeRep iPad mobile app, equipping their salespeople in 2012. Among those confirmed to date are: Charmant, Tura, L’Amy America and Zyloware.

Stated L’Amy America’s president Stephen Rappoport, “We are very excited to be at the leading edge with this new technology which will be a win-win for our sales team and our customers.”

Added Zyloware’s president, James Shyer, “We’ll begin our sales training in January and start to use [the app] next year. Our customers will really benefit by being able to better manage their inventories and make even better buying decisions. With our B2B site and with EyeRep, it all comes down to asking ‘What’s easiest for the customer? What makes the most sense for the ECP?’”