The Seeing Green Award



(10 or fewer LOCATIONS)

Eola Eyes
Orlando, Fla.
Owners: Kerry Giedd, OD
              Brighid Williams, OD

Submission Essay…
“Eola Eyes is dedicated to being responsible and eco-conscious. Every step they take to grow their business is treated with respect for the environment and their community.Their downtown location is ecologically friendly and green from the ground up. Green features include:

• Flooring made from sustainable bamboo.
• A front wall lined with double pane low-e windows to reduce energy usage.
• Countertops made from 100 percent recycled glass and concrete.
• Ceiling lights outfitted with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
• Acoustic “whisper wave” baffles to reduce excessive noise pollution throughout the showroom.
• A lighting system on a special programmable electrical box and rooms with motion sensors to reduce electrical usage.
• Bamboo foundation, instead of wood, since bamboo only takes five years to fully mature.
• Specially designed airflow ventilation system throughout the building to maintain maximum comfort without excessive energy usage.
• State-of-the-art heat pump technology and circulation system to achieve a cool, comfortable, eco-conscious showroom.

From choices of construction materials and finishes to smaller details such as installing a bike rack, using an electronic rather than paper recall system, and changing from plastic to recycled paper shopping bags, they continually try to foster and promote an eco-conscious business model.”

Daring because…
“On a daily basis, Eola Eyes dares to maintain our core patient care philosophy without compromise, refusing to ever become mediocre or disingenuous. Our philosophy is based on providing patient-centered care in a warm, welcoming environment and treating each patient encounter as the personal, customized service that it deserves to be,” said Brighid Williams, OD, owner of Eola Eyes. “In today’s homogenous environment, it is imperative for a business to find a way to stand out from the crowd, to be memorable, to be remarkable. If a business can do this, it will grow organically through referrals from loyal patients. Exceptional experiences paired with progressive technologies in a modern environment lead to happy, loyal patients and a successful eye care practice.”


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Shopko Eyecare Centers
Green Bay, Wis.
Owner: W. Paul Jones

Submission Essay…
“Through committed dispensing, ‘teammates’ and a supportive patient base, to date Shopko Eyecare Centers have been responsible for the planting of over 22,000 trees in desperately needed conservation projects around the world. Truly an eco-chievement! Shopko’s Green Bay buying office recently made a major commitment to our environment by placing Nouveau Eyewear’s 24-piece Global ReLeaf frame collection into all of their 136 Eyecare Centers. Each time a Shopko teammate dispenses a Global ReLeaf frame, proceeds of the sale are sent to American Forests and one tree is planted in one of American Forests’ many projects around the world. Teammates at each Shopko location are motivated by monthly email blasts giving them the latest tree count. Patients are made aware of their contribution by the updating of a counter card that also shows the latest tree total. Through their commitment to Global ReLeaf and American Forests, Shopko Eyecare Centers have helped create a vision of a better tomorrow.”

Daring because…
“Shopko Eyecare Centers take an aggressive approach to feature recognizable brands and the opportunity to promote the Global Relief ‘Plant a Tree’ program was a perfect fit. We have a long established patient base and our goal is to satisfy every patient we see. In addition, our other green initiatives include extensive recycling and waste reduction at our optical lab. Businesses need to be daring and innovative in order to meet today's customer's needs and expectations. Patient expectations are higher than ever and want to make sure that when they make a purchase, the quality and value they expect is delivered,” said Don Bye, vice president, optical for Shopko.