The “We The People” Reader Vote Award


Luxottica Retail/OneSight
Mason, Ohio
ONESIGHT Executive Director: Greg Hare

Submission Essay…
“Through outreach efforts, OneSight volunteers have given the gift of sight to their 8 millionth patient, Marokey, a 35-year-old mother of four. Marokey is just one of thousands of people who will receive clear vision in The Gambia as part of a 3-year partnership between OneSight and SightSavers International (SSI). A small country in western Africa, The Gambia is home to 1.6 million people and only three eye doctors. OneSight and SSI are daring to change these statistics. They will provide local residents access to ongoing, sustainable care through existing eyecare centers, as well as 15 new centers being created throughout the country.”

Daring because…
“Luxottica dares to make giving back through OneSight part of our DNA and central to our culture. We dare to leverage our global expertise in vision care and sun protection to help address the global vision care crisis. OneSight is active everyday around the world helping the world see and we couldn't do it without our customers, employees and partners,” said Greg Hare, executive director of OneSight. “Our focus on innovation and quality have been the foundation of our success and will enable us to deliver long-term care around the world.”


Honorable Mentions…
Metro Optics
Bronx, N.Y.
Owner: John Bonizio

Submission Essay…
“When it comes to innovation in advertising and name recognition in the Bronx, Metro Optics owns the market. Metro floods TV and various print media with videos and print ads focused on quality, professional optical offerings. Their recurring theme—“Get Framed”—is repeated in seasonal ads, and is adapted during the holidays to “Frame Someone” to encourage consumers to purchase eyewear and services as gifts. Metro promotes heavily on the internet, driving traffic to their website which includes fashion videos, educational videos, ordering and scheduling capabilities and updated specials for their patients.”


Eola Eyes

Orlando, Fla.
OwnerS: Kerry Giedd, OD
               Brighid Williams, OD

Submission Essay…
“Eola Eyes believes strongly that connecting with existing and potential patients online is our most effective strategy for growth, and that our online image needs to be consistent with the in-office experience we provide. In 2010, we cut our Yellow Page budget to invest in redesigning our website. We relocated in early 2011 and ‘dared’ yet again to spend no money on Yellow Pages. Since moving and launching our new optimized site, our gross revenue is up 40 percent, website traffic is up 50 percent and the time visitors stay on the site is up 150 percent.”