What Are You Wearing? / Ann’s Eyewear Boutique Inc., Twins Falls, Idaho

Ann R. Braga, Optician / Owner

Ann has worked in the optical industry for 34 years.

She owns 70 pairs of glasses, plus some collector pieces.

FRAMES / J.F. Rey Vitalic

LENSES / Varilux S Series 4D by Essilor with Crizal Sapphire Coating

“These are brand new. I love the textured color of the frames—black with a hint of dark burgundy. That and the pop of ‘bling’ across the top make them outstanding.”

Jenna Harder, Optician / Lab Manager

Jenna’s been working in optical for 10 years.

She has eight pairs of glasses.

/ Face a Face Smoke 3

LENSES / Essilor SV Eyecode with Crizal Sapphire Coating

“I’ve had these since May 2013. I’ve had multiple Face a Face pieces; I love their funky styles. The rich color, unique shape and beautiful design of this frame immediately sold me. It’s become one of my favorites.”

Mindy Frodin, Director of First Impressions / Office Manager

Mindy has been in the industry for a little over five years.

She owns 15 pairs of glasses.

/ Face a Face Bocca 4

/ Essilor SV Eyecode with Crizal Sapphire Coating

“I got these in August 2013. I love these frames because they are so unique. Why not make glasses fun if you need them? They fit me to a ‘T’; fun, beautiful, silly, stylish and fashionable. They make me feel like one-of-a-kind.”

Leah Scrimpsher, Optician

Leah has been working in optical for over four years.

She owns seven pairs of glasses and 4 pairs of sunglasses.

FRAMES / Face a Face Heidi 4

/ Essilor SV with Crizal Avance Coating

“I fell in love with this frame at SECO and got them in June 2013. The color combination is what first caught my attention. The modern colors make a statement and I am noticed wherever I go. As we say here at Ann’s Eyewear Boutique, ‘Be daring in your eyewear!’”