Essilor Teams With Vision Institute to Study Visual Aging


CHARENTON-LE-PONT, France— Essilor and the Vision Institute (UPMC, Inserm and the CNRS) announced the creation of a joint research laboratory on the theme of “Visual Aging, Action and Autonomy.”

The laboratory’s aim is to evaluate and to gain a better understanding of the degeneration mechanisms involved in perceptive and cognitive functions related to the aging of the visual system, as well as defining necessary screening methods and instruments, Essilor and the Vision Institute said in a statement. Research will be conducted with a population of people over the age of 55 who are presbyopic but have no other eye conditions.

In the longer term, the research teams will work on designing and evaluating innovative ophthalmic optical products, functional and cognitive rehabilitation protocols and other solutions and services to mitigate the effects associated with visual aging.

“This partnership with the Vision Institute on the joint research laboratory for “Visual Aging, Action and Autonomy” aligns perfectly with Essilor’s strategy, which is to join forces with the best research experts all over the world in order to advance our understanding of vision and eye-brain interactions. This approach contributes to Essilor’s mission of offering everyone around the world better life through better sight,” observed Eric Perrier, R&D director of Essilor International.

Prof. Jose-Alain Sahel, director of the Vision Institute, emphasized that, “The laboratory is an extension of the very successful partnership funded by Oseo between 2007 and 2012 (the Descartes Program) and also strengthens the disability research center (the Homelab and Streetlab platforms) and the neuroscience research priorities of the Vision Institute. The increasing needs associated with an aging population and the quality of the partnership with Essilor have led to this very promising new development.”