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  December 4, 2012
Peripheral Vision

Sleep Researchers Develop Eyewear That Reduces Jet Lag

By Eye² Staff

If you suffer from jet lag, a new type of eyewear called the Re-Timer might be just the cure. A portable light device that mimics the benefits of sunlight, the Re-Timer reduces jet lag by retiming your body clock in small steps before you travel according to its inventors, who are experts in the behavioral management of insomnia.

“Using a light device allows you to transition your body clock to a new time zone in small steps. This eliminates the sudden change people experience after flying and reduces the symptoms of jet lag,” said Professor Leon Lack from Flinders University in Australia, a leading sleep psychologist who played a key role in developing the special specs after 25 years of research.

What’s more, Dr. Lack claims that the Re-Timer can increase your energy during the long winter months, help you overcome sleeplessness by retiming your body clock to your preferred sleep schedule, and manage fatigue if you are a shift worker.

The Re-Timer is available from Re-Time Pty. Ltd. It is designed to fit over reading glasses, and has a battery within the frame that can be recharged using a USB connection.

The company said the Re-Timer has undergone independent ocular safety testing. However, it recommends that those with cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders (e.g. macular degeneration) or have undergone eye surgery should not use the Re-Timer, and advises customers to consult an ophthalmologist before use if they have concerns about the product.

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Sleep Researchers Develop Eyewear That Reduces Jet Lag

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