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  February 20, 2013
Peripheral Vision

With Tobii's Gaze, Your Eyes Become the Mouse

By Andrew Karp

One of the most exciting technologies I experienced at last month's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas was Tobii's Gaze system, which allowed me to control a computer screen with only my eyes—no mouse or track pad was necessary. With Gaze, I was able to select, scroll, zoom and navigate faster and more intuitively by combining my gaze with traditional controls. A major "wow" experience, and lots of fun, too.

Here are a few of the things you do with Gaze:

  • When you zoom in on maps or images, the computer automatically centers what you are focusing on.
  • You can also use zoom and auto-center to quickly navigate, overview and access information. It allows you to easily move between different levels in the file structure all the way from the start page, through open programs and windows, to browsing tabs, slides or sheets in your programs.
  • With Gaze the windows expose feature can be applied not only to open windows, but to browsing generally. Gaze enhances this feature and makes the selection process instant and fast allowing you to overview and browse files and information in a second.
  • You get an instant overview of open windows and objects. Selecting gets as fast as your glance. With Gaze this feature can apply to any layer or interface, to individual program and selecting tab, slide, sheet or browsing giving a smooth and consistent user interface.
  • Not only can you control your interface instantly with your gaze. The computer also becomes more adaptive, which opens up for new functions and features.
  • Widgets and other objects become responsive and can change what information is shown based on where you are looking. Eyes on, and more information will appear. Get details on the weather, clock, stocks, tweets, status updates, and so on, just by looking at an icon.
  • Expand your screen by accessing off-screen menus and other items that are not visible at your desktop. Make them appear when you look at a specific point on or outside the screen.
  • Important information can appear where you are looking and follow your gaze. It can be reminders, battery time, new messages or other critical information.
  • In your web browser, just look at the URL, search field or web form and start typing. The text will be entered exactly where you want it to.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one impressed with Gaze. In the competition with 20,000 other products launched at CES Tobii was presented with four 'best of show' honors which include:

  • CNET – Best of CES Finalist in the Emerging Technology category
  • Popular Science – CES 2013 product of the future
  • Mobile Geeks Best of CES 2013 – Best Enabling Technology
  • Übergizmo – Best of CES 2013

Click here to see Barbara Barclay, general manager, Tobii North America, present the company's technology at Vision Monday's 2012 Global Leadership Summit.

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With Tobii's Gaze, Your Eyes Become the Mouse

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