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  March 20, 2013
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Stereoscopic 3D Is More Persuasive Than 2D

By Eye² Staff






Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) is more effective than 2D at changing opinions, according to a recent study conducted by The Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University's College of Optometry. The study, which was supported by Intel Corp., involved 90 adults, aged 18 to 40. Survey respondents were presented with six video topics, and were asked to respond to statements about travel (Climbing Mt. Everest should be encouraged, or Climbing Mt. Everest should be discouraged), technology, outdoors, biology and astronomy. They were shown 48 versions of the video in three- to four-minute length (S3D vs. 2D, mono vs. stereo, for vs. against). Researchers measured binocular eye tracking; immersion, discomfort, and noted on which part of the video the respondents would foveate, which indicated they were paying attention to it.

The researchers found that:

  • S3D content is more persuasive than 2D.
  • S3D viewing leads to more effective eye movements and recall for some videos.
  • Short S3D viewing (three- to four-minute length) incurs no greater immersion or viewing discomfort.
  • No effect of audio type and viewing position is found.

"In four of the six topics, we found S3D to be statistically significant in its ability to change people's opinion," said Jim Sheedy, OD, PhD, who serves as director of the Vision Performance Institute. "This provides greater rationale for advertisers, and for using S3D in an educational setting."

"I'd like to see it tested in a real world setting," added Dr. Sheedy.

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Stereoscopic 3D Is More Persuasive Than 2D

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