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  August 21, 2013
Next Dimension

Sony Electronics 3D Ophthalmic Solutions Aid Surgeons

By Eye² Staff

3D vision systems are becoming an increasingly important tool in operating rooms. Ophthalmic surgeons in particular are finding the technology to be especially useful for visualizing the eye's anatomy.

Recently, a new 3D imaging system for surgical microscopes developed by Sony Electronics has been attracting the attention of ophthalmic surgeons. The technology was demonstrated last winter at a symposium on cataract surgery in Sarasota, Fla. Richard Mackool Sr., MD, director of The Mackool Eye Institute, presented two surgical cases that were captured by Sony's 3D camera and recorder. The cases, titled "PXF: Zonule Friendly PE" and "PC Protection during PE and Cortex Removal," were presented and displayed on Sony 42-inch 3D professional monitors to approximately 500 surgeons attending the event.

"Sony's advanced video technology provides the first end-to-end 3D solution for existing microscopes to capture, record, and display HD surgical video in 3D, providing a truer visual experience compared to 2D video," said Dr. Mackool. "Right now, training and education is primarily being presented in 2D. Get ready, because the industry is about to change and change quickly with the introduction of 3D now available through Sony."

Sony's 3D imaging system consists of three components:

  • MCC-3000MT Camera: Compact and light-weight design allows the camera's heads to be easily mounted on virtually all existing surgical microscopes. Sony offers four adaptors to fit a wide variety of surgical microscopes manufactured by Zeiss, Leica, Moller, and Alcon for ultimate flexibility and compatibility.
  • HVO-3000MT Recorder: Can record up to 31 hours of high-quality images onto a robust internal hard drive and to a variety of removable media including Blu-ray Disc, DVD disk, USB removable hard disk, and USB flash memory. The recorder easily connects to a hospital network and offers live video streaming to medical staff members or students outside the OR.
  • 42-inch LMD-4251TD 3D display: 42-inch widescreen LCD monitor designed to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for professional 3D production. This professional monitor is equipped with a micro-polarizer filter on the LCD panel, and comes supplied with circular polarizer 3D glasses.

"Sony's end-to-end solution responds to the need for high quality HD video to display and record ophthalmic surgical procedures," said Anne Bondulich, marketing manager, Sony Medical Systems Division. "Sony is committed to providing state-of-the-art imaging solutions to the ophthalmic market to enhance the workflow and enhancing visualization for surgeons and clinicians with outstanding quality HD and 3D video solutions."

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Sony Electronics 3D Ophthalmic Solutions Aid Surgeons

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