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  September 18, 2013

MoveEye Glasses Let You Lose the TV Remote

By Eye² Staff

Some techno-trend spotters believe that manipulating a computer with just your eyes—otherwise known as gaze control—will kill off the mouse faster than a mousetrap. Similarly, some say that devices that read hand gestures will soon replace conventional TV remote controls.

One such device is MoveEye, a new type of eyewear that is designed to replace the remote control, mouse, and keyboard, for interaction from a distance with next-generation displays, like smart TVs. Taking touchscreen technology a step further, MoveEye lets you use a gesture as simple as pointing in 3D space to launch applications and navigate media.

"We started development a few years ago with a professor at the University of Minnesota," said Shafa Wala, a mechanical engineer who is founder and CEO of Tarsier, the Minneapolis-based start-up behind MoveEye. "We brought together a team of engineers to focus on problems such as how can people interact intuitively with smart screen TV and other devices. Now we have smart TVs, but we are stuck with antiquated technology.

Wala and his development team hit on the idea of building a pair of glasses outfitted with two tiny camera sensors that detect and interpret hand movements. "We've been conditioned by the touchscreen," said Wala, adding that gesture control is not only natural, but a very powerful way of interacting with devices.

"MoveEye not only tracks depth-based movement and targets the areas on the screen, but it can visualize information in 3D," he noted. The glasses utilized the dominant eye principal allows you to situate your finger in a line of sight based on either the left or right camera."

Although Tarsier is still in the prototype phase, Wala said the company plans to unveil MoveEye at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, where he hopes to find a partner who will license the technology.

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