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  October 16, 2013
Sight Seeing

Eyejusters Debuts Improved Lens System for its Adjustable Readers

By Eye² Staff

Eyejusters is rolling out a new version of its low-cost, adjustable reading glasses. Like the company's original product, the new glasses incorporate Eyejusters' proprietary SlideLens system, which is a highly developed version of the Alvarez lens. However, the glasses feature several significant improvements, according to Owen Reading, a partner in the company.

"The new glasses have got rid of the magnetic dials, and are now adjusted with small dials tucked behind the arms that remain attached all the time, but without spoiling the aesthetics," details Reading. "We've also taken the opportunity to simplify and improve our fantastic metal frames.

"Coupled with this is a huge upgrade of our SlideLens technology: SlideLens 2," he continued. "We have optimized the lenses for near vision specifically, improving the ease of focusing and the clarity of vision once focused. It's a real advance and was developed through responding to customer feedback. Putting together both of these improvements should considerably increase customer satisfaction with our Adjustable Readers. They will be available to buy from our website starting in early November."

Since launching its first product last year, Eyejusters has expanded distribution of its Adjustable Readers to 30 countries worldwide. Most recently, the company has made inroads in the U.S., U.K., Canada, E.U. and Australia. In conjunction with expansion, the company is introducing new support for retailers including point-of-sale materials such as posters, tent cards and eyeglass display stands. "We're simplifying our pricing structure to help smaller retailers including optometrists, drugstores and other stores get started selling our glasses," Reading said. "Additionally, retailers will also be able to order through our new B2B store. We'll be announcing more details about this soon, but it will make ordering Eyejusters simpler and easier for optometrists and other retailers with an in-store presence."

Reading added that the company is also involved in a number of projects in the developing world which it plans to expand soon through new partnerships. "The core vision of our company has always been about making amazing, stylish and affordable adjustable glasses for everyone," he said. "In particular, we've been doing a great deal of work in the developing world, where adjustable glasses hold the promise of providing clear vision to hundreds of millions of people who lack access to optometrists. We have recently had successful projects in Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar and South Sudan. We have upcoming projects across Africa and Central America. Our Give & Get program, where customers can donate a pair of Eyejusters to a vision project when they buy one of our Adjustable Readers, has been very successful and supports a great number of projects worldwide."

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Eyejusters Debuts Improved Lens System for its Adjustable Readers


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