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  December 18, 2013
Next Dimension

Eye Tracking for the Masses

By Eye² Staff

The Eye Tribe, a group of young, tech savvy entrepreneurs, wants to bring eye tracking to the masses. Toward that end, the Danish company has developed what it claims is "the world's first $99 eye tracker with full SDK." The slim device, which can fit onto mobile devices and computers, is powered by software that enables hands-free navigation of websites and apps, eye activated login, enhanced gaming experiences, and cloud-based user engagement analytics.

The Eye Tribe Tracker comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers to apply eye control into existing applications and games. It only takes a few lines of code to receive a real-time stream of on-screen gaze coordinates.

"Soon, eye tracking will be seamlessly integrated into everyday products such as smartphones and tablets, but we want to be ahead of the curve and make sure that there are apps and games available when the technology is made available in consumer devices," said Sune Alstrup Johansen CEO and co-founder of The Eye Tribe.

Initially The Eye Tribe Tracker will work for Windows only, but The Eye Tribe has already showcased their upcoming Android version, and all the core hardware components used in The Eye Tribe Tracker are suitable for integration into mobile devices.

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Eye Tracking for the Masses

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