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  January 23, 2014
Peripheral Vision

Energy Telecom Announces Allowance of 'Zone of Safety' Patent for Personal Protective Eyewear Product

By Eye² Staff

Fans of Harry Potter know that can he can disappear by covering himself with an "Invisibility Cloak." But the young wizard might also want to add the "Zone of Safety" to his magic kit, a unique feature that Energy Telecom is introducing into its line of safety glasses.

This week, the St. Augustine, Florida-based company announced that it received notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that all 32 claims in its Zone of Safety Utility Patent Application, number 13/373,798, were allowed on January 7, 2014. The allowed claims include the eyewear's ability to establish a "Zone of Safety" around the safety glass user, including monitoring and reporting surrounding hazardous biometric conditions, using a wide variety of sensors, the horizontal axis, and movement or lack thereof of the eyewear wearer, and the ability to report those potentially harmful conditions to both the eyewear user and remote locations, wirelessly.

"We are pleased to provide those involved in the manufacture, marketing, sales, and distribution of our telecommunication eyewear with this additional patent protection," said Tom Rickards, president of Energy Telecom. "We believe the 'Zone of Safety' will be an especially important addition to our Personal Protective Equipment ('Safety') model and look forward to working with our partners to implement these additional features as soon as possible.

"In the world of managing threats to those at work and at play in potentially harmful conditions, we believe establishing an entire Zone of Safety around the wireless telecom eyewear allows the user to focus on the task at hand, providing maximum productivity at work and enjoyment of leisure time," he said.

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Energy Telecom Announces Allowance of 'Zone of Safety' Patent for Personal Protective Eyewear Product

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