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  January 23, 2014
Heads Up

All Eyes on New Eyewear Technologies at International CES

By Andrew Karp

Wearable devices—including the latest smartglasses—shared center stage with curved screen TVs and driverless cars at International CES, the annual mega-trade show for consumer electronics held earlier this month in Las Vegas. Attendees saw a wide assortment of high tech specs ranging from prototypes to finished products.

Google's highly publicized Glass was spotted on a number of "Explorers" attending or exhibiting at the show, although Google has yet to officially launch the proprietary smartglass. However, potential Glass competitors such as Vuzix (seen at right), Optinvent, Glass Up, Lumus, Vergence Labs and XOEye showed off their own innovative augmented reality (AR) eyewear. Companies that offer sunwear or goggles with built-in video capabilities were also out in force, including Recon, Liquid Image and Pivothead.

Exhibitors such Oculus VR, Sony, Intel, Epson (below, left), Avegant and Technical Illusions showed virtual reality (VR) eyewear that creates an immersive experience for 3D gaming, moving and other activities. Other companies featured specialized eyewear that ranged from serious, such as Evena Medical's glasses that allow medical professionals to see a patient's veins, to fun, such as Dropshades party glasses (below, right), which have brightly colored illuminated bars that pulsate when triggered by music.


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All Eyes on New Eyewear Technologies at International CES


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