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  March 19, 2014
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App Lets Consumers to Listen to On-Screen Written Content

By Eye² Staff

Charmtech Labs recently debuted Capti Narrator, a new cross-platform application for convenient, hands-free consumption of digital content. Capti Narrator enabling users either with or without vision impairments to listen to news, blogs, documents, unprotected e-books and other written content while performing other activities.

"In the world that is overwhelmed with information, people now spend numerous hours in front of the computer screen. Even on the go, they often feel the urge to read from the small screens of smart-phones, but they are still unable to keep up with the flood of information," said Yevgen Borodin, PhD., president and CEO of Charmtech Labs. "Imagine that instead of reading from the screen, you could listen to anything you needed to read using a convenient playlist interface. You could listen on the go: in the gym, in the car, in the subway, on the plane, or on the couch."

Capti Narrator makes it easy to add webpages or documents from a browser, Dropbox, Google Drive or clipboard to its playlist, and then listen to them narrated by naturally-sounding text-to-speech voices. Charmtech Labs has partnered with the leaders in speech synthesis—Ivona, Acapela Group, and NeoSpeech—to make their world-class technology available in Capti Narrator; Capti now offers over two dozen English voices speaking with American, British, Australian, and Indian accents.

With Capti, users will be able to create a playlist and start listening on the laptop at home, continue listening from the same spot on their smartphone during the commute, revise the playlist from the desktop at work or school, catch up with the reading in the gym, and, finally, relax while listening to their favorite book on the couch. Capti will synchronize the playlist with your other devices, making the transitions seamless.

"We are certain Capti will help people be more productive, multitask, and catch up with all the reading they otherwise could not find the time to do. Capti can be very useful for work, education, entertainment, and as an assistive technology. We believe it will revolutionize the way we consume information, and free the world from the clutches of the screen," said Dr. Borodin.

Capti for iPhone/iPod is available for free on the App Store. Check for the availability of beta versions of Capti for Windows and Mac at, provided as browser extensions that will work only with the Firefox browser.

A member of the Charmtech team, pictured above, demonstrates Capti Narrator at International CES in Las Vegas.

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App Lets Consumers to Listen to On-Screen Written Content

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