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  April 16, 2014

Atheer's Immersive, 3D Glasses Offer 'True Augmented Reality'

By Eye² Staff

Atheer Labs was one of several up and coming wearable technology companies that participated in Vision Monday's Global Leadership Summit last month in New York City. (The others were Google, Avegant, Laforge Optical, Rochester Optical and VSP Global.)

Atheer's technology, which features lightweight eyewear (75 grams) that offers an immersive 3D view with a see-through display. Gesture control lets wearers reach out and touch whatever they see in the digital world. The image is very precise, with virtually no lag, creating "true augmented reality" that "seamlessly blends the physical and the digital," according to Atheer, which is based in Mountain View, Calif.

Sina Fateh, MD, Atheer's executive vice president (pictured here), who is an expert in the physiology of the eye, said that Atheer's glasses, which are gesture controlled, are designed for binocular viewing. "Because it's binocular, you can really manipulate the object," he noted. Although the technology may sound complex, it's easy to master, according to Dr. Fateh, who added, "Once you wear our glass, it's intuitive."

Dr. Fateh believes it's vital for eyecare professionals to understand Atheer and other emerging new vision technologies. "The eyecare community needs to know how this technology affects the visual system," he told Eye². "This can open a completely new area for us. In addition to the visually impaired, it could play a role in vision therapy or sports vision, providing a new service to patients and consumers."

Atheer recently launched an Indigogo fundraising campaign, and is offering developer kits for $850. The company plans to introduce its Atheer One model glasses in summer, 2015 for $500.

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