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  May 21, 2014
Sight Seeing

Tobii Launches Gaze Viewer for Vision Assessments

By Eye² Staff


Tobii Assistive Technology, a division of the Tobii group, is launching Tobii Gaze Viewer, a compact assessment tool intended to give professionals and caretakers quick, simple, on-the-fly eye-tracking evaluations for vision assessments, cognition, reminiscence testing and even reading comprehension.

"With eye tracking, you can get a fundamental understanding of the user's cognition, comprehension and visual acuity without a costly, time intensive and invasive procedure," said Fredrik Ruben, president of Tobii Assistive Technology. "This tool will let professionals assess and understand their patients' innate processes and abilities as well as what they may not be able to express verbally. Ultimately, it reveals their true, unrecognized potential."

Used in conjunction with Tobii assistive technology eye trackers, Tobii Gaze Viewer can record eye-tracking data, including heat maps, gaze plots and even "live gaze" over anything displayed on the screen: e-books, games, memory or reminiscence boards and even online video content. With a variety of reporting options, the visual data collected with Gaze Viewer arms professionals with additional information to more comprehensively report on their patients' progress, development and growth over time. Potential use cases include:

  • Comprehension testing
  • Reading/literacy assessments
  • Cognitive/processing delay assessments
  • Reminiscence testing
  • Low-pressure testing environments for children
  • Proving cognition in low-functioning adults
  • Validating the potential use of an eye tracking AAC device for communication and computer access

"For years we have harnessed the speed and accuracy of eye tracking as a highly effective access method, helping give a voice to tens of thousands of Tobii users throughout the world," said David Henderek, global product manager at Tobii Assistive Technology. "Now we can use eye tracking to assess the user's cognition, behavior and performance to determine whether eye tracking is an appropriate access method."

Tobii Gaze Viewer is available as a direct download exclusively through Download Tobii Gaze Viewer, including one-day trial version.

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