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  July 23, 2014
Heads Up

ChipSiP SiMEye Smart Glass Wins Best Choice Award at Computex 2014

By Eye² Staff

ChipSiP Technology Co., a Taiwanese company that is a leader in turnkey SiP (System in Package) technology, announced that its SiMEye Smart Glass has been awarded the Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2014 Award. The SiMEye Smart Glass, designed by ChipSiP's core technology in system miniaturization, features real-time and instant access to information and real-time communications in a compact design. It can be conveniently operated by either gesture or touchpad functions.

"Users can share their visual world in real-time, or have an immediate live view chat with their family and friends in a remote distance with the award-wining SiMEye Smart Glass," said George Tai, president of ChipSiP. "With the standalone and standard Android platform, the SiMEye Smart Glass allows users to download their favorite apps now, and enjoy the wearable entertainment. The eyewear provides instant access to information anytime, anywhere through any cloud service. Featuring the interaction with smartphones, users can manage phone calls and updates in real time without taking their phones out."

ChipSiP SiMEye Smart Glass includes the features of real-time entertainment, real-time communications and real-time sharing into a small wearable display for everyday activities.

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ChipSiP SiMEye Smart Glass Wins Best Choice Award at Computex 2014


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