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  August 20, 2014

Sunglasses Use Active Shuttering to Combat Motion Sickness

By Eye² Staff

Motion sickness sufferers typically rely on medication delivered through pills, patches or wristbands to help them alleviate their symptoms. But a new type of eyeglass developed by XPand, a leading manufacturer of 3D glasses, offers a high tech alternative.

XPand's Anti Motion Sickness Glasses (X105-MS-1) are electronic sunglasses that can reduce motion sickness while traveling by airplane, boat or driving. Beyond blocking UV radiation, the sunglasses have electro-optical system that fights motion sickness in noninvasive way.

Unlike motion sickness drugs (pills and patches) XPand claims that its Anti Motion Sickness Glasses do not have any side effects (such as drowsiness and the inability to think clearly).

XPand's Anti Motion Sickness Glasses efficiently use active shuttering lenses to reduce severity of motion sickness. When the motion sickness mode is enabled on the glasses, the electro-optical system is engaged and the electronic lenses start to strobe (both lenses becomes transparent and clear very fast). XPand's Anti Motion Sickness Glasses' flash frequency is 4 Hz.

By creating longer pauses between what the wearer sees, XPand's Anti Motion says its Sickness Glasses create better perception of movement, thus minimizing the "disagreement" between perception and vestibular interpretation of movement.

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