VSP EyeFiles – Protect Your Eyes from UV Damage With Sunglasses


Enter stressed, suburban Mom. Today she will take her daughter on her first driving lesson. Yikes!

As if teaching a teenager to operate a motor vehicle isn’t scary enough, Mom is also faced with the challenge to convince said teenager to cover up with a hat and sunglasses while she’s driving to protect her eyes and skin from the sun. As tends to happen when giving adolescent daughters advice, Mom is met with resistance and goes for the scare tactics, warning her daughter that she’ll go blind and get wrinkles if she doesn’t cover up. Bingo.

Mom is feeling guilty, but Dr. Liddicoat, optometrist/floating head in this VSP EyeFiles video about UV damage, assures her that excessive exposure to UV rays damages eyes just like it does the skin. The bad news is that this damage is cumulative and can start at any age – but the good news is, it’s never too late to start protecting yourself and your family.

This summer, don’t forget to tell your patients as well as your family and friends that the earlier eyes are protected from UV damage, the better, and that wearing a hat or staying in the shade aren’t fool proof escapes from the sun. Sunglasses – with 100% UVA and UVB protection, just like sunscreen – are the best bet for topping off those UV protection tactics, especially since the sun’s rays reflect off of summery surfaces like sidewalks and water. As Dr. Liddicoat says, “wearing sunglasses keeps your eyes healthy – and you looking good.”