Practice Building Potential


By saving time on the subjective refraction, many eyecare professionals could add more exam slots into their daily schedules and see more patients, thus growing their practices. Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, has taken a different approach to the practice building that automated refraction technology has brought to his Bright Eyes Family Vision Center in Tampa, Fla.

Dr. Bonilla-Warford has the OPD Scan III pre-testing device and TRS 5100 automated phoropter (TRS stands for total refraction system), both by Marco. “It enables you to do different things,” he said. “Some doctors see more patients in a day and that’s a totally realistic expectation. I do it a little differently. I spend more time talking to patients and educating them—about their expectations, glasses, sunglasses, etc. So we don’t actually see more patients, but we have increased our capture rate because I spend more time educating them and that’s more important.”

Kyle Sexton, OD, proprietor of Sexton Vision Group, a three-location practice in LensCrafters in Spokane and Puyallup, Wash., has taken a similar approach thanks to the AccuExam. “I have not changed the length of exam time or exam price, so the time I saved in the refraction process goes right back to the patient in time for discussion and education. And because the price of the exam has not changed, profit is not directly affected, but I can say that the swell of enthusiasm and word of mouth have increased our eye exam count significantly, so that has definitely helped business,” he said.