2,000 Headlines...And More

It takes dozens of individual developments, events and happenings to give rise to a “trend.” And in today’s social media-influenced world, too, it can take only 140 characters, multiplied by thousands of Tweeters, to amplify a news development and declare something “trending.”

Here at VM, we thrive on “news” and work with many folks out there to shape reliable, attributable news developments in order for our readers to make infomed business decisions based on what we run in our news vehicles and in our special reports and analytical stories.

We did a quick count and estimate that we issued a couple of thousand headlines through all of our communications this year—not including the couple of thousand more posts and communications to our social media community as well.

We have a diverse and talented team here, each of whom likes to explore the exciting, entrepreneurial and upbeat “stories” which are out there as reflected by each of you.

That would include boutiques with a passion for eyewear, eyecare practitioners who are open to new technologies and ideas, people who are volunteering time for great causes in their local communities, artful creators of beautiful and technology-driven products and strategic thinkers who are considering new ways to stand out.

Vision Monday never stays the same, we evolve each year, and in more recent years, frankly, each month and week as we discover new stories, great people and interesting ideas.

We encourage all of you to continue to rely upon our print, digital edition, web, e-mail and live event content and share views and experiences with others within our expanding Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, too.

And watch for us to connect with you in new ways—and build connections among you with other VM’ers—in 2014.

All the best for the Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year. ■