App-solutely! Embracing New Ideas

How many??

VM’s Andy Karp and John Sailer write about some 22 new vision-care related apps in our cover story this month. Plus we’re putting another four online.

And those are specifically ones we found that are geared to the five areas of The Intelligent Office, Vision Monday’s special resource and news site dedicated toward reinforcing the growing importance of “interconnectivity” within the operations of today’s and tomorrow’s successful eyecare practices and optical retailers.

Twenty-six apps and we’ve just scratched the surface. Eyewear apps multiply nearly geometrically when one factors in try-on capabilities, measurement calculators, refraction options and the entire realm of fashion, brand, designer and style apps, e-commerce apps and more, all further pushed out by active users of social media apps like us and most of you.

What’s even more encouraging about this app-ortunity (I’ll stop with the puns, soon) is the enthusiasm and interest among the eyecare professionals that VM spoke to for this feature, all of whom are starting to embrace the flexibility, functionality and speed that these apps provide to them.

Many of these also eagerly brought up other favorite apps that they are using on a regular basis, to facilitate decision making, or explaining, or tracking throughout their very busy days.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed today, by the broader, roiling changes going through most aspects of today’s business. But for all the daunting changes posed by new technology, let’s all remember that taking on the benefits and adapting to easy-to-use new technologies can enhance and permit growth. Many of them will even allow room (and time) to consider more new ideas.

This is a good thing. Got an app that you’ve started to use and that you love? Tell us about it @VisionMonday. We’ll be happy to continue to expand “Apps of My Eye.”