Back-to-School ‘Daze’


By Mary Kane: Executive Editor

There’s been a hint of Fall in the air these past few weeks which always takes me back to summer ending and school beginning. For me, the back-to-school season always signaled a time of fresh starts and challenges.

While I haven’t had to make the September-school connection in quite awhile, for a lot of U.S. workers, school and education are generating more interest. As certain jobs have been erased from the employment picture, those out of work find themselves forced to learn new skills; still others look to education to re-invent themselves in an effort to jumpstart their careers. For those looking to land a job and for those lucky enough to still be in the work force, the return to the classroom can be inspiring. And if you pardon the pun, there’s a lesson to be learned here.

The optical industry, like many other commercial sectors, has been changing at a rapid pace and the race to keep up rages on. From cutting edge digital technologies in the lab arena to new techniques in the dispensary and exam room, there’s a lot to be learned. Change is often scary but don’t be afraid to try and re-invent yourself or breathe new life into your career or practice.

The upcoming Vision Expo West Conference offers one opportunity to kick start your inner learning mode. But if you can’t head out West this Fall, there are other options right in your own backyard. Start with your local community college for courses on business management and finance to improve the “health” of your practice.

Don’t forget about your local state associations or even some of your vendors/suppliers for courses that will help you navigate today’s tough issues such as board certification or the upcoming changes to the nation’s health care reform system. And some of our own publications right here at Jobson, both online and in print, feature the latest hot button CE topics.

Remember, continuing your education can be as simple as taking that first step and you’ll find that going back-to school can be like a breath of fresh air for you this Fall.