Do Over

This issue was originally dated Nov. 12 but Sandy knocked us out of commission for a week and pushed back the issue date.

Compared to many in the area, VM fared pretty well but my original opinion, A Storm’s A’Comin’, and its “calm before the storm” metaphor seemed insensitive. Luckily, the later issue date allowed us to pull the piece before I made a serious gaffe.

Pre-Sandy, I was worried about how busy it is lately and how, based upon several conversations I had at VEW and Silmo about folks’ ambitious plans for the new year, 2013 is shaping up to be even more insane.

But living in Lower Manhattan and being without electricity, water and heat for nearly a full week (not to mention internet or cell service!) has made me more appreciative of the things I often take for granted and thankful for the things I do have.

At VM, we have talked extensively about new initiatives for 2013 and by all accounts many other companies have big plans for January and beyond as well; the kinds of plans that make you nervous because you know they’ll require a great deal of time management and organization. Luckily, we have a highly capable team here at Vision Monday.

Like senior editor, John Sailer, who launched dba, a new newsletter devoted to covering leading regional and local retailers and practices (see the preview issue at and group editor, Andy Karp who debuts Eye2, a newsletter that explores the next generation of vision technologies (see Page 20). Not to mention one of the unsung heroes of Vision Monday, web content editor Lindsay Tiwald, who is working to help overhaul and the newsletters’ new format.

Rarely, does life allow us a do over to reflect on what we may have first viewed with trepidation with a new perspective.