#FutureNOW. #Learnings About #Leadership at #VMSummit

# We must be curious and ready to process and embrace new ideas.

# Clinging and holding on to the past is as risky as moving ahead quickly. Perhaps, more risky.

# Nothing stays the same. Anywhere.

# Technology accelerates the pace and type of change that is possible.

# Young peoples’ perspectives, values and their comfort with technology is driving new purchasing behavior and expectations about service and brands. Now.

# ‘Vision’ and ‘vision care’ is being reinvented even as optics and ophthalmics remain the same.

# Disruption —and consumers’ willingness to try new options —is a fact of
modern life.

# Social media and commerce and business reputation are merging.

# Leaders —of companies big and small —must find ways to examine, welcome and encourage change.

# Creative Problem Solving means to clarify the challenge, generate ideas, develop solutions and take action. #VMSummit

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