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Smart Mirror Mobile App Now on iTunes


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Smart Mirror Mobile App
Top Line: ABS ACEP is now offering its Smart Mirror Mobile app, the mobile version of its Smart Centration System, for iPad. The frame selection features of the app are available on iTunes for 99.99; the rest of the features (lens simulations and measurements) require a login, password and measuring kit for iPad that has to be purchased directly from ABS.
Close Up: The Smart Mirror app enables patients to take up to four pictures or short videos so they can see themselves wearing their old frames and new ones chosen from the dispensary. Patients can enlarge images and compare styles, shapes and colors, enabling them to narrow down their choice quickly with side by side comparison and different viewing angles. By e-mailing pictures or videos, patients can get helpful recommendations from family, friends or coworkers, and can post the pictures on their Facebook page directly from the app.
Extra app features available to current ABS accounts only:
• Digital Centration: Smart Mirror Mobile App ensures a proper lens fit for the most sophisticated personalized progressive lenses. It delivers monocular PDs, seg height, pantoscopic tilt, wrap, back vertex distance and more. Portable, fast, accurate, and easier to use than big standalone devices, according to ABS. The measurement kit is required to use this function and can only be ordered by ABS current customers.
• Premium Lenses Simulations: Using interactive Augmented Reality, animations and images, patients will be able to visualize how they will see through their lenses. Simulations explain and show the benefits of anti-reflective, polarized, photochromic and aspheric lenses. Easily compare multifocal lenses based on the patient’s Rx. This feature is only available for ABS current accounts.
Vital Stats: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.