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M&S Technologies Releases 2014 Version of Smart System 20/20 Software


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Smart System 20/20
Top Line: M&S Technologies recently released a 2014 version of their Smart System 20/20 software.
Close Up: New features in this version include: ColorCheck Color Test, Dynamic Fixation Disparity (co-developed with David G. Kirschen, OD, PhD), the Harris Contrast Sensitivity and Visual Acuity Test (co-developed with Paul A. Harris, OD) and the Richer Glare Test (co-developed with Stuart P. Richer, OD, PhD). Customers with the Smart System Tablet also have four new features for stand-alone near testing.
“We continue to develop new technologies to further assist the eyecare professional. This release, one of our most significant, differentiates M&S from all other static resellers of computerized vision testing. Our continued development of the Smart System gives the practitioner more precise information in order to arrive at a better diagnosis,” said Joe Marino, president of M&S Technologies.
Vital Stats: The 20/20 system includes eETDRS, Contrast Sensitivity Testing protocols with normative data, electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT), a variety of charts, rich multimedia and integration with the leaders in automated refraction technology. The 20/20 system provides all of the features and functionality of Smart System in an easy-to-install integrated computer and monitor, all developed and manufactured in the U.S.; (877) 225-6101

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