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Optovue Launches Next Generation Widefield Enface OCT


Avanti Widefield Enface OC
Top Line: Optovue is launching the Avanti Widefield Enface OCT. Avanti is a next generation diagnostic device providing an all-in-one solution for posterior and anterior high-speed, high-resolution OCT imaging offering 70,000 A-scans per second, Widefield 3D motion correction and 3 micron digital resolution (sampling). With the next wave of OCT technology innovation in mind, Avanti is designed as a scalable platform to take eyecare professionals to the next level in clinical OCT.
Close Up:  “Avanti not only offers the new Widefield 3D Enface OCT scanning to meet today’s clinical needs, this is also a platform for future OCT innovations that will extend the clinical utility of this technology beyond what even the inventors imagined a few short years ago,” stated Jay Wei, Founder and CEO of Optovue.
Vital Stats: In addition to its high-speed and high-resolution, Avanti offers a broad range of functionality across multiple clinical applications including:
  • 40 ̊ Widefield Enface OCT with SMART Motion Correction offering a larger field of view than the standard OCT device
  • Simultaneous Multi-Layered Assessment of Peripheral Retina Pathology
  • Retina Tracking at 30 frames/second, providing detail and clarity to assess the retina, as well as the ability to monitor patients and track disease progression
  • Fovea Location Recognition
  • Deep Choroidal Imaging
  • Optic Disc, RNFL & Ganglion Cell Complex Assessment
  • TCP: Total Cornea Power
  • Pachymetry Mapping
  • Epithelial Thickness Mapping (available for international sale only); (510) 623-8868