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Topcon Launches KR-800S Auto Refractor With Subjective Testing


Top Line: Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) is releasing the KR-800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer with Subjective and Glare Testing.
Close Up: The new 5-in-1 KR-800S features the very latest in autorefraction technology, incorporating Topcon’s proven Rotary Prism technology for unparalleled accuracy and consistent measurements. It adds on Subjective Visual Acuity testing, allowing you to refine a patient’s measurements. The KR-800S features several new tests, including a visual acuity (VA) check for near and far distance, a contrast sensitivity test, a grid test, and glare testing, that can be utilized to assess a patient’s visual acuity under glare conditions. This is especially important for a patient who may be a candidate for cataract surgery or who complains of poor nighttime vision.
“The new KR-800S combines the very latest in auto-refraction technology with the added benefit of subjective visual acuity testing, making it the ideal instrument for any practice,” summarized Robert Gibson, vice president of marketing for TMS.
Vital Stats: The KR-800S also features a compact and user-friendly design with a 8.5” color touchscreen display that provides quick and accurate readings with minimal training required.; (800) 223-1130