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Topcon Releases Connectivity Solution for DICOM and PACS Environments


EZ Lite 2
Top Line: EZ Lite 2 is a DICOM compliant computerized digital system to capture, view, archive and transmit images of the human eye obtained from a number of different optical devices. EZ Lite 2 can easily integrate into any DICOM server or PACS as well as act as a stand-alone image management system.
Close Up: EZ Lite 2 can be used with most current Topcon capture devices and to send images to Synergy and third-party image management systems such as Forum, Merge Eye Care PACS, etc.
Vital Stats: EZ Lite 2 allows for acquisition, review and image manipulation. A simple three-screen graphic interface streamlines acquisition, viewing and transmitting. It can export to EMR’s as well as DICOM and other formats.; (800) 223-1130